Anxious to start off our new life in LA, my husband and I took a chance on putting our home on the market in Vancouver in the middle of WINTER (!?).  In spite of what appeared to be odds working against us as we bumped up against Christmas holidays we were lucky (or clever ;) enough to align ourselves with the awesome Michelle Porter.  In less than a month, our condo was sold and we were ready to hit the road.  Michelle was a great ally in the trenches and worked her butt off to lock things in for us against all odds! I'd recommend this fine lady to any and all!




In June, 2009, Michelle Porter listed and sold our apartment in five days, on a no-conditions offer at a good price, and despite the three outstanding engineering reports on the building.  That alone shows Michelle's great work, and we were impressed.  Two weeks after papering this first deal, the buyer's financing fell through and Michelle stepped up, re-listing the property and marketing it again.  She also provided her own resources to the buyer in the search for alternative financing, and was relentless in working to keep the deal alive.  We accepted a back-up offer at the same price as the first deal seven days after relisting.  Michelle did not hesitate to re-list and continue to show our property with enthusiasm, even though she had already earned her commission and the first sale was still pending (though troubled).  Effectively, Michelle did more than double the normal work to sell our apartment, and succeeded in selling it twice in twelve days.  It was an incredible result.
Michelle is a polished professional with business savvy and great industry experience.  We were consistently pleased with her communication style, and she made every effort to sooth our worries when trouble appeared.  Michelle is the most adroit real estate agent we have ever worked with, and truly understands the business.  We have no inhibitions recommending Michelle to friends, family and colleagues, and will always ask her to assist in our own transactions.

-K. Burns and T. Tucker

Michelle Porter did a fantastic job both in helping me find and purchase a great apartment, and then with the sale of it when we didn't need it any more.  She went above and beyond what normal Realtors do.  

Since we were no longer in Vancouver she arranged for a housekeeper and a carpet cleaner to get the apartment ready to show.  She noticed a gas smell coming from the fireplace on one of the balconies and took care of it for me, calling the strata manager and letting the Teresen gas guys in.  

Due to her advise and expertise, I ended up getting substantially more for the apartment than I thought I would.

If we ever decide to purchase again. in Vancouver, we will definitely be calling Michelle to help us find and negotiate for the perfect place.